Patter App

What is Patter?

Patter is for chatting
Patter lets you chat with others
Public rooms let you find those with similar interests
Use private rooms to connect with your friends
Patter supports both real-time chat and occasional messages

Privacy and Control

You are in control with Patter
Patter is built on the social network for users and not advertisers.
Your Patter messages are stored only on you decide who can read them.
Your messages are kept for as long as you want them
Download your entire archive at any time from
If you delete your account, your messages are deleted as well

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Mobile Compatibility

Patter is compatible with many mobile apps
Patter is compatible with clients on many platforms.
Android: Rory Jr., Robin, Drift
iOS: Patter for iOS, Felix, hAppy, Chimp

Windows Phone: DotDot

Patter is Open

Patter is compatible with many mobile apps
Patter is an open protocol built on (details here and here)
The Patter web application is open source. You can contribute here.

Getting Started

Authorize with
After authorizing your account or creating a new one, you can:
Search the Patter Directory for public rooms
Message your friends privately


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Create your own rooms

For troubleshooting, contact @duerig.
Our privacy policy is here.
Patter interacts with on your behalf, and any message you create will
be subject to their policies.

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