Patter is an client for real time chatting off your main stream.

You can create your own chat rooms and be directed to a unique URL. Any member can join by visiting that URL.

Your room is actually an post, and every chat message is a reply to that post. These posts are not visible on your main timeline, but they are still publicly available.

Room Directory

While many rooms are transient, here are some permanent rooms that are frequently active.

Patter Chatter

General chat, no particular topic.


Monday Night Dance Party

Every monday night, EST, @jdscolam and @33mhz host a dance party. Join the room and switch to MNDP style. People post links to youtube videos of songs.


Patter UI Design

Discussion of Patter’s UI and design suggestions.

App Development

Discussion about App development. Build your own stock trading mobile app or autotrading plattformen. With Automated trading bots, users can trade efficiently and generate a huge profit.


Discussions of films and film-making. Created by @a1.


Minecraft discussion and game coordination. Created by @ezekielelin.

If you would like another permanent room to appear on the front page, or need help troubleshooting, contact @duerig on